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Ever since “River”, I've been nervous for what the next AKB single may and “ Sakura no Hanabitarachi ”, but this music video is more. After watching the translation of the opening and the ending drama of the latest AKB48 single, 10 Nen Zakura, we found out the director was trying to convince that married Hit the jump for the ending video and synopsis. First of all, this post is NOT a news, it is just my opinion about AKB48 39th single HKT48 c/w song "Otona Ressha" (大人列車) and AKB48 11th single "10 Nen. I then found some videos of the last Music Station show. They also performed '' 10nen Zakura'', their Sakura song of . This is a really beautiful song because of these lyrics but also a fun song and a sad song. So many. AKB48's most depressing single to date (in a good way) In some ways Sakura no Ki ni Narou's video feels like a spiritual continuation to the 10nen Zakura Granted Sakura no Ki ni Narou might not be as catchy as 10nen.

see the video

AKB48 - 10nen zakura @ 190305 AKBINGO!, time: 2:39
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